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James Marsters Joins Twitter!! Welcome James!! (inc photos) | @JamesMarstersOf

Originally posted by dontkillspike at James Marsters Joins Twitter!! Welcome James!! (inc photos) | @JamesMarstersOf
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Is this thing on?
Follow me @JamesMarstersOf
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@JamesMarstersOf 9:41 AM
Thanks Sarah ... I'm #TeamSpike!
@David_Boreanaz @JM_Live @SarahMGellar
#Buffy #BtVS…

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Come on over and follow me at my new Twitter account @JamesMarstersOf…/status/653695711515680768

James Marsters on Twitter

James Marsters on Twitter

See more at TWITTER.COM

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James Marsters Interviews, Twitter Chat, Gag Reel +

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Win Tickets to KLZ Events Buffy+Angel FanMeet in Brussels this December!

Would you like to win 2 HUNTER passes to KLZ Events' upcoming Buffy+Angel FanMeet, being held December 12th and 13th, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium?!

Simply RT this tweet (also see below) and follow myself (@jamie_marsters), @KLZ_FanMeets & @KLZ_Events and you'll be in the running! It's that simple!

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on 27/08 at 10:00am CEST. Good luck!

Also, if you RT the tweet just to share the competition and not to enter it, please let me know so I can remove you from the running.

And a big Thank You to KLZ Events for asking me to run the competition! I'm so excited I get to run it and announce the winner! I can't wait!

Check out the event: buffy fanmeet 2014 tag to see how awesome their last Buffy event was! Including photos & videos from the event!
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James Marsters Kickstarter, News, Videos, Pics+

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James Marsters News, Photos, Videos, Kickstarter+

[Caprica] Pandora
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[Fic] [The Plain Reason]

Title The Plain Reason
Rating R
Word Count 514
Ship Lacy Rand/Barnabas Greeley
Spoilers Season 1
Summary Lacy only lets him do it because of the jacket.
A/N I wrote this over the summer, but I kept forgetting to post it over here. Also, the SyFy site spells his name Barnabas, so I have, too.

here @ odylism

Barnabus Icons

Did you expect me to resist the temptation?   I saw the screen caps on marsters_daily  from the promo by SiFi of nexts weeks Caprica ... and just had to play. 

I'm sure many of you will have seen the link, already, but for those who haven't  ... here are a couple of teasers, with the rest behind the cut -

Caprica    Caprica    Caprica

There are 18 in total, and can all be found here at my journal